Playing Bitcoin Lottery

There’s a classic excitement offered by lotto games. The lottery gives players the chance to win huge jackpots just by making small and simple wagers. With bitcoin, transfers of winnings are made faster and easier, and now with mobile apps, you can be playing lotto games anywhere, anytime. 

The Different Types of Bitcoin Lotto Games

Bitcoin lotto games are available in three variations: dice, keno, and prize draws.

Bitcoin Dice

The “dice games” are the most popular bitcoin lottery style. These lotto games are like instant lotteries, in which you can set the odds of your winning and see the results in seconds. Keep in mind, like most other casino games, when the odds of you winning are lower, the potential payout will be higher. After you set your odds with your chosen bet, you register how much you choose to wager, click the button to roll the dice, and read if you’ve won!

The Basics of Bitcoin Dice

Bitcoin dice isn’t played with standard dice, but each round produces a number between 0 and 99.99. One reason why players like bitcoin dice so much is that it has a relatively low house edge. Always check with the casino, since it can vary, but the house edge can be as low as 0.1% and usually does not go beyond 1%.

How to Play Bitcoin Dice

Now, let’s walk through an example.

  • First, decide how much you want to bet on each roll. This can be just a few satoshi or full bitcoins. If you’re having trouble figuring out where and how to start, check out our tips on top strategies below.
  • Then, choose a number between 1 and 100 and whether you want to be over or under this number. As we mentioned earlier, if you set more difficult odds for yourself, you raise the potential payout. Don’t worry if you’re having trouble doing the calculations, the game will show the potential payout for you.
  • Click “roll”! The game will then show you the results and you can collect any winnings.

The Best Strategy for Bitcoin Dice

Experienced players are applying time-tested strategies from other casino games to bitcoin dice. Martingale and Paroli are two of the most commonly used strategies for this lotto game. We’ll walk you through them so you can determine which one, if either, is a good fit for you.

Martingale Strategy – This strategy tests the law of averages. It’s sometimes referred to as the “doubling up” strategy. Every time you lose, you double the bet you just placed. Every time you win, you start back at the beginning and bet your first bet. For instance: you bet 5 credits and lose, you bet again with 10 credits and lose, you bet again with 20 credits and win (then your next bet will be back to 5 credits). This way, when you do win, you’ll recover any losses. For this to work best, you must be setting your odds as close to 50% as possible.

Paroli Strategy – Paroli is also a doubling strategy, but applies the doubling method to winning bets. You bet 2 credits until you win, then bet 4, (and if you win) then bet 8. After winning three consecutive wagers, you’ll return to your first wager and bet low again. This is the strategy for you if you’re a big win chaser. The Paroli strategy is also favored by players who believe in hot and cold streaks.


Keno is a classic lotto game, only enhanced for your convenience with bitcoin. You simply choose your numbers and hope they match numbers that are randomly drawn by the dealer. The more matches that are made, the more credits you win! You can play bitcoin keno with computerized dealers or, if you prefer, with a live dealer casino via a video stream.

Random Prize Draws

You can also enter random prize draws. Some sites have random prize draws occurring monthly, weekly, and even daily. With these draws, there has to be a winning ticket. Since someone always wins, no prize should go uncollected.

What You Should Look For in a Lotto Game

Besides the three variations of dice, keno, and prize draws, there are a number of options to choose from in bitcoin lotto games. There are regional, national, and intercontinental lottery draws, instant win or number draw, and a huge range of jackpot sizes. There’s something for everyone with bitcoin lotto.

Mobile Bitcoin Lottery – One of the great advantages of gaming online is the nearly unlimited access players have to their favorite games. Most online bitcoin casinos have fully integrated mobile versions. Players simply download the mobile app to their smartphone or tablet, login to their account, and can play straight from their pocket. Lottery games are no different – you can now play anytime, anywhere.

Playing Bitcoin Lottery for Free & Bonuses – Like most casino games, players can find free, or demo, versions of bitcoin lottery. Most of these sites will let players play with extremely small amounts of bitcoin. Keep in mind, playing demo games can be fun, but if you’re not wagering your own bitcoin, you’re not winning any bitcoin.

Fairness and Validity of Bitcoin Lottery – All casino and lottery sites you’ll find in this guide are regulated for fairness. A group of regulating bodies verifies that numbers are randomly generated and outcomes are verifiably fair. Most casinos should show a stamp of approval on their site’s home page, players can usually find this in the footer.

The Legality of Playing Bitcon Lotto

Is it legal to play bitcoin lotto games? Yes, unless explicitly outlawed by the country in which you’re playing. Most countries do not yet recognize bitcoin and cryptocurrencies as currencies, which means there is little to no restriction on gambling with bitcoin. 


Bitcoin lottery games are a great chance for players to win big, with little risk and little time commitment. If you’re looking to take a quick chance, then check out our reviews of the best places to play bitcoin lottery.