Bitcoin Casino Bonuses

What’s better than a bitcoin casino bonus? A casino bonus gives you free play on games; it’s risk free gambling that uses credits from the casino instead of your own bitcoin. At any given time, there are tons of free casino bonus offers available from online bitcoin casinos. We’ll keep you up to date on the best and latest casino bonus offers. We’ll inform you of all of the promotions including massive welcome bonuses, free spins, match bonuses, bonuses for referring friends, loyalty programs, and much more.

Access to the latest and greatest bitcoin casino bonuses will take your gaming to the next level. Playing with casino bonuses can turn casino credit into bitcoin in your bank, and fast. By supplementing your bets with casino bonus credits, you can win increased payouts. And you can get all the information you need right here. Don’t waste your time trying to find the best bonuses online, we’ll find them for you.

Return to this site for updates and notices for upcoming bonuses so you can always be upping your game and improving your experience. We’ll fill you in on all of the best VIP club opportunities, the latest monthly bonuses, the biggest welcome bonuses, free spins, no deposit casino bonuses, and more.

The Bonus Calculator

We want to help you make the best of your bonuses to enhance your gaming. We’ve taken out any guesswork with our exclusive system below. Set a budget of how much bitcoin you want to deposit or how much you want to play with, and we’ll calculate the best bonus offers from bitcoin casinos across the internet.

The Different Types of Bonuses

There’s a huge variety of different types of bitcoin casino bonuses, don’t let it be overwhelming. We want you to understand the different types, so you can best meet your gambling goals. With the breakdown below, you’ll be able to choose the best bonus offers for you, depending on your personal profile taking into account your playing style and goals.

Different casino bonus offers are best suited to different players depending on both styles and goals. You may be looking to try new casinos, in which case, welcome bonuses and no deposit bonuses would benefit you the greatest. Or, you may be looking to build loyalty at a casino, in which case promotions that offer loyalty points and casinos that offer exclusive promotions, like VIP Clubs, to players who have achieved a certain status would best benefit you.

The benefit of some casino bonuses vary with the amount of bitcoin players are depositing. Whether you’re a high roller or prefer to deposit smaller amounts of bitcoin at a time, we’ll point you to the best bonuses for you. Check out our comprehensive explanation of bitcoin casino bonuses below, so you can have a complete understanding and make the most of your experience.

Welcome Bonuses (Sign Up Bonuses): Most bitcoin casinos will offer new players a welcome bonus. Welcome bonus offers often include a series of match deposits and sometimes even free spins.

These welcome bonuses are only offered to players who have not previously deposited at the offering casino. If you have already deposited at the bitcoin casino offering a welcome bonus, you are no longer eligible to receive the bonus. Most of these welcome bonuses come with wagering requirements, but they still provide players a great advantage to establish themselves well at a new bitcoin casino.

Deposit Bonuses (Match Bonuses): Deposit bonuses are one of the most common bonuses you’ll see offered. These offers can sometimes even double your money. A deposit bonus means the casino will match a certain percentage your deposit (up to a specified amount). For instance, if a casino offers a deposit bonus that matches 100% up to 10 BTC, and you deposit 10 BTC, your account at the casino will now have 20 BTC.

No-Deposit Bonuses: No-deposit bonuses are a valuable way to enhance your game. No-deposit bonuses are offered by casinos without a player even depositing anything. These are sometimes awarded to new players after signing up and registering for an account. These are usually smaller bonuses or in the form of free spins. Either way – it’s free play.

Monthly & Weekly Bonuses: To reward players’ loyalty, some casinos offer monthly (and sometimes even weekly) promotions. These promotions can be quite valuable and can include free spin packages, loyalty points, and match bonuses. Keep in mind, players can usually not collect a monthly or weekly bonus if the player has received a welcome bonus in the same timeframe.

Refer a Friend Bonus: The more the merrier. Most bitcoin casinos will offer promotions rewarding referrals. If you refer a friend to the casino who creates an account and makes a deposit, most casinos will reward you with bonuses usually consisting of free spins or bonus bitcoin in your account.

Tournament Bonuses: Tournament bonuses can be highly lucrative for skilled players. Most bitcoin casino bonuses are awarded for players’ loyalties, but tournament bonuses are awarded for players’ skills. Bitcoin casino tournaments typically have large prize pools. At the end of the tournament, the highest ranking players win pieces of the prize pool according to placing.

Bitcoin casinos run weekly tournaments with a host of opportunities to play including slots and blackjack.

Free-Spin/Bets Bonuses: Free spin and free bet bonuses allow players the unique opportunity to win big without wagering your own bitcoin. These are often used by casinos to encourage players to try new games. These free spin and free bet offers are a great opportunity to build your bankroll.

Free Money: Free Money bonus offers are rewarded to players usually as part of a promotion or sometimes for winning a tournament. The bonus is often received in the form of credits in a player’s account, which can then be used to wager. Some loyalty programs award points this way every time a player wagers.

In-Game Bonuses: In-game bonuses are rewarded during game play. These are common in a number of casino games. In-game bonuses are especially popular in slot machines. In-game bonuses can be anything from free spins and bonus rounds, to wild symbols and scatter symbols, or multipliers and even jackpots.

A popular in-game give away awarded in slots is a multiplier bonus. This multiplies the bonus by the total amount wagered. We’ll steer you towards the best in-game bonuses so you can enhance your experience and earn even higher payouts.

High Roller Bonuses and VIP Bonuses: The best bitcoin casinos have the best loyalty programs. High roller bonuses and VIP bonuses are advantages that players receive from these loyalty programs. Casinos group players into different levels according to the number of games or hours the players have logged. Those players that rank highly are often rewarded with significant bonuses.

Loyalty Points and Programs: The majority of online bitcoin casinos offer players loyalty programs, through which players can earn and track points. These programs often reward players for every wager made. Higher membership status is gained when players accumulate enough points to graduate to the next tier. Each tier provides players with different benefit features including bonuses exclusive to their membership level. Bitcoin casinos also may offer player the ability to trade in loyalty points for rewards like free spins and credit.

VIP Club: Many bitcoin casinos offer the opportunity of joining a VIP Club. After accumulating points through a loyalty program, invitations to the VIP Club may be offered to loyal players in the top tiers. Members of the VIP Club are offered some of the most lucrative bonuses and rewards, including prizes like VIP tickets to events and all-inclusive vacations. VIP Club members are also sometimes designated an individual account manager.

How Do I Find the Best Casino Bonus Offer?

Don’t waste your time searching for the most valuable casino bonus offers. We’ve searched for you, so you can spend your time playing. You’ll find all of the best bitcoin casino bonus offers right here on this site. Whether you want to build loyalty at one bitcoin casino and become a VIP or you just want to get free spins for a few extra plays, you’ll find it all here.

We’ve listed for you the best of all types of bitcoin casino bonuses available.

Don’t just be enticed by a big bonus number, always check the fine print. Understand what the terms are on which the bonus will be received. Some casinos may offer a bigger welcome bonus than another, but the bigger bonus may also come with higher wagering requirements. The best players research and read the terms and conditions to understand the process of receiving and cashing out a bonus. This can save them a great deal of money and time later on.

Bonus Requirements, Wagering Requirements, and Play Through Requirements

Bonus requirements, wagering requirements, and play through requirements are three terms that mean the same thing. We’ll call them wagering requirements, which is the term most commonly used. Wagering requirements are a way for the online bitcoin casino to ensure that the player does not immediately cash out their bonus as soon as it’s credited to their account.

A wagering requirement is written as a number followed by an ‘x’ (for example: 30x). It specifies how many times the original deposit or bonus amount is required to be wagered for the bonus to be released and a player to cash out. So if you deposit 10 BTC and receive a matching bonus of 10 BTC with a wagering requirement of 30x the bonus, you will have to stake 300 BTC (10 BTC x 30 = 300 BTC) before you can cash out

Keep in mind, in this scenario, you’re wagering 300 BTC, not necessarily losing it. Any eligible money you wager, whether you win or lose the bet, counts towards the wagering requirement.

Additionally, different games can have specific percentages of the stake that can contribute to meeting the wagering requirement. For instance, bitcoin wagered on slots will usually count for 100% of its value, while wagers on table games like blackjack may not count towards the wagering requirement at all, or may count for a percentage of the wager (for example 10% of the wager will count towards meeting the requirement). These percentages vary between bitcoin casinos.

Wagering requirements also vary from casino to casino. Some bitcoin casinos are also placing the wagering requirement on the deposit and bonus together.

Techniques to Clear Bonuses

Large-stakes players will most likely meet wagering requirements quickly and without changing any strategy. Players who prefer to make small-stakes will benefit from a few techniques to meet wagering requirements and optimize their bonus. Small-stakes players should seek tables that have above average pots, since these will result in more bonus credits if won. These players may also reach wagering requirements in a shorter amount of time if they play a few games simultaneously.

Cashable vs Non-Cashable Bonuses

Bitcoin casinos will offer both cashable and non-cashable bonuses. A cashable bonus means that the player can withdraw the bonus from their casino bankroll. A non-cashable bonus is added to the player’s casino bankroll and can only be used to play in the casino


What are bitcoin casino bonuses?

A bitcoin casino bonus is a promotion that is offered by the online bitcoin casino as a reward to a player. Bitcoin casino bonuses vary, including free spins, credit to play in the casino, prizes like vacations, or bitcoin.

What is a bitcoin casino welcome bonus?

A welcome bonus is a promotion offered to a new player. The welcome bonus gives a new player a chance to enhance their first deposit and wagers at the casino. The welcome bonus may come in the form of free spins or a deposit match bonus.

What is a bitcoin casino first deposit bonus?

Many bitcoin casinos offer a player an award for making their first deposit. This is similar to a welcome bonus offer. First deposit bonuses usually match a percentage of the deposit. These bonus offers may also include other perks like free spins.

What is a free spin bonus?

You will most likely come across free spin bonuses while playing slot machines. A free spin bonus gives you a chance to play a specified number of rounds without wagering your own credits. Once you have completed the specified wagering requirements and terms of the bonus, you can cash out any winnings from the bonus.

How can I find the best casino bonuses?

With so many different bonus offers available from so many bitcoin casinos, the best casino bonus varies from player to player. The best bitcoin casino bonus will depend on your style and preferences. If you’re looking to build loyalty and spend a lot in one casino, then VIP clubs and high roller bonuses will benefit you most. If you’re looking to try something new and start out with smaller deposits, then no-deposit offers and hefty welcome bonuses will better enhance your experience. Use our convenient bitcoin casino bonus calculator above to discover the best type of bonus for you.

Are bonuses available on mobile bitcoin casinos?

Yes! Most bitcoin casinos have mobile casinos that offer consistent bonuses across their online and mobile platforms. Some of these bitcoin casinos even have promotions that are exclusively offered to mobile players.

Can I use a free bonus when I am playing on demo games?

Most bitcoin casino bonuses have terms that require the player to make a deposit for they can collect their bonus. This means that free play and demo games will not use credits from your bonus or count towards meeting wagering requirements of the bonus.

When can I withdraw or cash out bonus money?

When you can withdraw your bonus award is dependent on the terms and conditions. Usually, a player must meet terms called ‘wagering requirements’ before they can withdraw winnings from that bonus.

What are wagering requirements of bitcoin casino bonuses?

A wagering requirement is part of the terms and conditions set by bitcoin casinos. Wagering requirements must be met before a player can cash out winnings.

A wagering requirement will usually be written with a number and an ‘x’, for example 20x. A wagering requirement of 20x the bonus, means that a player must stake 20 times the amount of the bonus before they may collect the winnings from the bonus. Sometimes wagering requirements are applied to the bonus and the deposit.

Wagering requirements are sometimes referred to as play through requirements or bonus requirements.

What is a contributing percentage?

The amount that a wager contributes towards the wagering requirements can vary by game. For example, 100% of a wager in a game like slots might count towards the wager requirements, 10% of a wager in a table game like blackjack or roulette might count towards the wagering requirements, or some games may not count at all towards the requirements.

I created an account at the bitcoin casino, but I haven’t received the bonus. Why not?

Most casino welcome bonuses require the new player to make a deposit before they are rewarded the bonus. This will be noted in the bonus terms and conditions. Once you have met all terms listed in the instructions provided by the bitcoin casino, the casino should credit your account automatically with your bonus.

If you need any further assistance, you can contact customer support with your questions. All bitcoin casinos listed here have premium customer support that is highly accessible.

How do I deposit bitcoin into my account at the bitcoin casino?

You will use your bitcoin address to deposit bitcoin into your account at the bitcoin casino.


By taking advantage of the best online bitcoin casinos, you’ll meet your gambling goals faster and enhance your gaming experience. Head over to our casino reviews to see the best and latest promotions available online and get started playing now!