Online Sports Betting in Bitcoin

Nothing beats your favorite team winning, especially if you’re winning a little something on the side with them. With online bitcoin betting, you don’t need to make elaborate plans to get to a walk-in casino before the big game. Now, you can quickly and easily wager on your favorite games, online and in bitcoin.

How to Place Bitcoin Sports Bets Online

First, you need to choose a reputable site that hosts a regulated sportsbook. All of the bitcoin betting sites you’ll find in this guide are in good standing and good options for you. Once you’ve decided on a bitcoin sportsbook, create an account. This is a simple and easy step.

  • Navigate to the sportsbook site.
  • You’ll find a link or button that says “Open Account”, click it.
  • Enter your contact information (this usually includes your name, date of birth, user name, bitcoin address, and password that you’ll create).
  • Most sites will then perform some sort of verification, which you must follow to completion. This may be a code texted or emailed to you.
  • Make a deposit! 

Then you can head back to the main page, pick your games, and start placing your bets! The sportsbook sites we’ve listed in this guide have friendly interfaces. They will be easy to navigate and will give you the opportunity to filter through the book by easy to find options like bet type, sport, player, and date.

Free Bets, Offers, and Promotions in Bitcoin Sports Betting

Many bitcoin sportsbooks have promotions for new players to receive some kind of bonus after they create an account and make a deposit. These bonus offers will usually be free bets or enhanced odds.

Free Bets and Bonus Bets – A free bet (sometimes called a bonus bet) will be an amount of credit that the sportsbook adds to your account. This amount is sometimes a set amount and sometimes a percentage of the deposit you made. You cannot just withdraw the complimentary credits from your account, they can only be used to wager. Terms and conditions come along with free and bonus bets. Make sure you read these requirements for each sportsbook, because they’ll vary by casino. These terms and conditions will sometimes restrict the game you can use the free bet credit on, or a time limit in which it must be wagered. That said, if you’re not comfortable meeting the terms and conditions that come along with bonus bets, you’re always free to reject the promotion.

Enhanced Odds and Boosted Odds – Enhanced odds are sometimes known as boosted odds. Enhanced odds increase a player’s chance of winning a bet. These promotions are usually just offered a short time before a game, usually just a day or a few hours, sometimes just one hour before the game. A bookie will offer players the best odds right before the start of a game to collect bets up to the last minute. You’ll see enhanced odds offers in varying of forms including double and triple odds, promotions for new players, and price matching.

Again, with these bonuses, terms and conditions will apply. Make sure to read the terms and conditions to understand the requirements to use and take advantage of the bonus. Restrictions may apply to bet and withdrawal maximums, games, features, or the ability to make bets on multiple lines. Veteran sports betters compare offers like this to offers from other bookmakers, to make sure they’re taking advantage of the best offers out there. After comparing offers and terms and conditions, if the promotion still looks good, then go for it! These offers can help players get a good edge.

Odds Comparison – Not all bookmakers offer the same odds. Making sure you place your bets with the bookies giving you the best odds will optimize your betting experience and your winnings. You can find the best odds offers just by searching for odds comparisons on Google. 

Varieties of Bitcoin Sports Betting

At this site, we’ll offer you the best of sports betting across sports, leagues, and rosters. We’ll show you the best sportsbooks to place bets on your favorite matches, teams, and players.

Ball Games – Rugby, tennis, football, soccer, basketball, baseball, golf – you name it. We’ve got ball games on the courts, fields, and pitches covered. Find your favorite teams, players, or bet on a grudge match. Nothing’s more exciting than watching a game you have a little bitcoin riding on.

Boxing – Boxing matches are already full of anticipation. Now imagine watching a match with the chance to win some bitcoin. The sport of boxing offers a number of bets besides betting on the victor. Sportsbooks offer method of victory bets (whether knockout, points, etc.), total round bets, and round betting.

Horse Racing – Betting on the horse track is a long-standing worldwide pastime. You’ll be able to find sites that also provide extensive background information and even live stream the races. And you can leave your hat at home.

Hockey – We have you covered. If you’re a hockey fan, or just see a good match coming up, you’ll be able to find sportsbooks offering bets on any league, match, and player right here. The sportsbooks listed on this site are not just limited to the NHL, but include European leagues as well as special events like the Olympics and the World Championships.

Different Ways to Bet Bitcoin Online

All of the familiar types of bets you’re used to booking with a bookie will be available to you online with bitcoin betting (straight bets, parlays, prop bets, over/unders, etc.). There are also a few unique opportunities only available through online betting.

  • In Play and Live Betting – Exclusive to online betting, the In Play (sometimes known as Live Betting) feature allows gamblers to place new bets on sporting events while the game or match is already in action and fully underway. This will enhance your sports experience by making an already engaging game that much more stimulating.
  • Mobile Bitcoin Betting Apps – Betting apps for mobile will change your game. With these mobile apps, players can constantly be in the know and connected to their bets and matches, wherever they and their smartphone or tablet are.

Live Streaming – More and more sports betting sites are offering live streaming of events. There’s nothing better than being able to watch a match that you have bitcoin riding on in real time. And if you can watch the live event in the same place as the sportsbook numbers, your betting experience is made.


Sports betting has always been fun. But now that you can bet whenever, from wherever, and in bitcoin, it can’t be beat. Go check out our reviews and compare the odds to find your favorite sportsbook today.